Hi there! I'm Barbara - graphic designer based in London, specialising in branding, advertising and digital design.
I was born in the South of Italy, then moved to Milan, then to London. Well, what a life! 
Going back to where my story started, I began my studies with Product Design, an experience that gave me a strong practical way of designing, then I took my master degree in Graphics and Communication Design at Politecnico di Milano. 
I'm basically restless so I worked as graphic and editorial designer, as web designer, I started my wonderful experience with photography (that I always considered just a hobby, but actually is my passion and side job), I did product management, UI and UX. At the end, I found my way with Branding and Graphic Design, moving more and more to Art Direction everyday. It can be a long way to the top folks! 
I’m definitely a perfectionist, but I can understand time and budget limitations, so I won't stress you out too much if you don't want to, but I do believe in hard work and I'm not afraid of pressure. Commitment is the word.
Visiting a good exhibition, having an interesting conversation or finishing a good book help me focusing. A passionate love for art, photography, literature and fashion is often my source of inspiration: a painting always communicates with its viewer, forcing him to think. These thoughts can be good or bad, but they will be there, real, for sure. That’s the aim in my projects, never leaving people emotionless.

So call (email) me maybe!
Starting a new business? Needing that much needed brand refresh? 
Or you're just up for a chat? Get in touch, I'll get back to you in a while.
Thank you for your message! I'll get back to you in no time!
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