f/21 B&B Italia event

Project for a photographic contest and in-store event The event was created in order to communicate the brand to a new younger target and at the same time to underline the strong connection between B&B and contemporary culture. The event is a platform composed by three parts. First, there's the photographic contest, whose finalists will be the protagonists of the second part of the project, an in-store event. That's a photo shooting where products and visitors will be models. The third and last part of the event is the personal exhibition of the winner, who with his photos was able to show both the soul of B&B products and brand. The identity of the event is strictly connected with photography but it reports a nonexistent diaphragm value: it indicates instead the famous weight of the soul, underlined by the claim “We’ll show you our soul”.

Creative DirectionExhibition Design

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