NATWAL Project: explore, tell, share

Not all those who wander are lost NATWAL Project is a multimedia system for collecting and diffusing city memories through emotional paths and collective stories. Project's core is the belief that the environment around us always leave a trace in the mental maps of our memory, that's of course a really un conscious way to represent the space around. According to Guy Debord, Charles Baudelaire, Walter Benjamin and others great genius of our culture, streets are alive with feelings and subjective views defined by each citizen, thus generating a new level of consciousness of the city reality and new points of view too. The project's platform starts from a web archive, a portal that collect shared stories and path, representing them on an interactive map. This map gives back a real time image of the emotional state of "the city" thanks to the use of colors. Moving from the expressionistic theories, emotions are associated to one color and then shared. In addition, users can use the mobile application to physically explore the territory, all alone or with a group of friends, following their defined itineraries or random suggestions from the app itself...

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